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Museums & Non-profit Management Resources

Table of Contents

General Museum Stuff Links      Collections, Accessions, Conservation      Exhibits & Labels

Education Stuff
     Museum and Non-profit Management      Fundraising/Grantwriting

Research & History Links

General Museum Stuff Links
•  American Alliance of Museums (AAM-US)
•  American Association for State and Local History
•  AASLH Resource Lending Library
•  Museum Store Assoc.
•  Museum Employment Resource Center
•  Ohio Museum Assoc.'s Local History Notebooks
•  Ontario Museum Association - Tip Sheets

Collections, Accessions, Conservation
• PastPerfect Museum Software
•  Registrars Committee of the American Association of Museums
• Conservation/Preservation Information for the General Public
• Museum Collection Care - Northern States Conservation Care

Digitizing of Collections
• Library of Congress - Building Digital Collections: Technical Information & Background Papers
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Exhibits & Labels
• Interpretation - John Veverka & Assoc.

Ohio Historical Society, Local History Notebooks
• "Exhibit Planning in the Small Historical Museum"
• "Planning and Creating Effective Exhibits on a Limited Budget - Part I"
• "Planning and Creating Effective Exhibits on a Limited Budget - Part II"

Some Interesting "online" Exhibits
• America's Story - from the Library of Congress
• Canton, New York: the Story in Words and Pictures
• Journal for Multimedia History
• Smithsonian Office of Education
• Best Museum Web Site Competition 2004 Winners
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Education Stuff
• Montecello, The Home of Thomas Jefferson - Teaching Resources
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Museum and Non-profit Management
• Nonprofit Career Resource Guide
• INC: Information For and About Nonprofit Organizations
• MAP for Nonprofits: Nonprofit Services and Volunteer Opportunity

Board Members and Board Meetings
• Practical Hints for Building Your Nonprofit Board, Part I
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• Foundation
• Welcome to Donors Forum of Chicago WWW site
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Research & History Links
• Lib of Congress - American Memory Collection
• Making of America - Primary Source Docs
• A Research Guide for Students
• Do History
• Do History- (Local history took kit)
• American History Outline
• History House: Books, Stories, and Historical Trivia
• Journal for multimedia History

Doing Oral Histories
• Step-by-Step Guide to Oral History
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