HOW TO Start A Fire Museum
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Mission (purpose)
• Best way to “sell” an organization's goal is to have a “mission statement.

• Mission statement determines the organization's mission & purpose - what do you want to accomplish with your museum - “why are we here?

• Mission statement must be short, simple, easy to remember & easy to understand.

• Museums must have a mission statement - this sets limits by area, time, type, etc. 

• This helps spell out what a museum wants and doesn't want & thus these limits save the museum money, time, space, etc...

Sample mission statements:

The Aurora Regional Fire Museum is a nonprofit, tax exempt, educational museum whose purpose is to preserve and exhibit the artifacts and history of Aurora and surrounding area fire departments, as well as teach and promote fire safety and prevention.

The mission of the New York City Fire Museum is to maintain properly the art and artifacts of the collection, to preserve the history and heritage of firefighting, and to educate the public in fire safety and prevention.

The purpose of the Fire Museum of Greater Harrisburg Inc. is to preserve, collect, record, and exhibit the history of the fire rescue and emergency medical services within the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but in particular the greater Harrisburg area; to interpret the sociological, economic and technological influences on the fire and emergency services through its development; to serve as a memorial to those both paid and volunteer who have dedicated their lives to the fire and emergency services; and to interpret the culture and the various facets of fire and emergency service life from its conception to the present. In all of its activities, exhibits, and programs, special emphasis shall be placed on the City of Harrisburg Bureau of Fire, and of the vol. fire services of greater Harrisburg area.

The Gracen County Historical Society as a nonprofit has as a primary purpose collection, preservation, and display historic, and geographic artifacts which document Gracen Counties relationship with Texas, the South, and the United States.... We are dedicated to conservation, research, education, and community service....