HOW TO Start A Fire Museum
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Business and
Organizational Management
MISSION STATEMENT - This is the stated purpose of your museum. Why are we here?
See the Fire Museum Network's "how-to" page specifically on mission statements

BUSINESS PLAN - You've gotta have a plan before you can say, "love it when the plan comes together!”

Let's face it - museums are a business. We are "selling" (figuratively) history. Just because museums are "not-for-profit" organizations doesn't mean they should not be organized and run as any other business would or should be. Like any business, you should start with a "business Plan" - This business plan should establish the mission or your organization (what's your purpose in a couple sentences), it will explain (and justify) your sources of funding, your hours of operation, your projected attendance figures, where your "product" (collections) will be coming from, etc... Basically you need to plan and document EVERYTHING. I did a business plan for one of my college Business Management classes while I was Curator of the Aurora Regional Fire. I remember spending an afternoon on the phone calling ever elementary school within an hours drive of Aurora documenting how many 4th graders there were as a potential audience!

I strongly recommend you contact the Small Business Association, or your local Chamber of Commerce, or even a business professor at a local college for some advice and assistance.

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