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Recently I realized the Fire Museum Network's site has been looking a bit old. We haven't changed it much since it was created back in 1996. The "News" page was a year out of date, and the purpose of the page has been replaced in most part by the "Discussion Board"... The "Join-us" (Membership) page had the old mailing address.... The Resources pages likewise haven't been added to or updated in several years.... There isn't any great place to post information about the fire museums seminar or special projects.... The navigational structure (how you the visitor get from page-to-page) was becoming very cumbersome... And lastly the whole behind-the-scenes organizational structure (a system of files/folders) was practically nonexistent! In short it was time for an overhaul!

Organized around four topics -- About the Fire Museum Network, the Fire Museum Directory, Resources, and a section for Miscellaneous News and Notes -- this new layout should be much easier to navigate and understand. I have added some more information about us as an organization (for example, our mission statement is now posted on the opening home page). Also added are the the names for each the members of the FMN Executive Committee, the beginnings of an organizational history, and links to past seminar schedules. Eventually I envision all the seminar speakers to have some kind of "presentation notes" which we can add to this area for those FMN members that missed the presentation to view/download? I've also beefed up the "resources" area, (adding a lot of links to museum resources), and I'm planning to rework the "How-to" pages next.

So.... What does everyone think? Do you like the new style? The new colors? For the most part, I have kept pictures and graphics to a minimum to make the pages load quickly -- Is this necessary, or are most of you using high-speed Internet connections nowadays? Is there anything you would like to see added? Anything I've forgotten? Can you find any bad links, missing pages, and typos?

Please -- let me hear your comments.

- David -
David Lewis,
Webguy for the Fire Museum Network

5/16/04 -- Updated the links for the Firefighter's Museum Society - Calgary, Alberta and the Firefighters' Historical Museum - Erie, Pennsylvania. Also added several links to the "Museums and non profit managment resources and links" page.

5/2/04 -- Added the N. Plainfield Exempt Firemen's Assn. Museum, (North Plainfield NJ) and updated the information for the Firemen's Memorial Exhibit Center of Western NY.

4/7/04 -- Added several links the the "museum resources" page: Exhibit Builder Magazine, Best Museum Web Site Competition 2004 Winners. Interesting sample "education/teacher resources" from the Plimouth Plantation and Montecello, The Home of Thomas Jefferson websites,

• 3/10/04 -- Updated fire museum listings in New Jersey and Ohio listings

• 2/13/04 --Updated museum on the Minnesota, and Indiana pages.

• 7/29/03 -- Added Fredericton Firefighters Museum - (Fredericton New Brunswick) and updated the mailing address for the African-American Firefighter Museum - in Los Angeles California.

• 7/29/03 -- Fixed a link on the FMN's Resources page that points to the So - You Want to Start a Fire Museum... A "How-to" Guide

• 07/01/03 -- Ooops! The membership application forms hadn't gotten posted on the new Fire Museum Network's website during the initial upload. They can now be found at:

• 07/01/03 -- Updated listings for: Central Ohio Fire Museum & Learning Center, Fire Museum of Maryland, Orange County (CA) Fire Historical Society, Oregon Fire Service Museum and Learning Center

• 06/25/2003 -- New and improved Fire Museum Network website was uploaded to our server.

If you'd like more information about our organization,
David Lewis,