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13th Annual Fire Museum Seminar
New Orleans, Louisiana • August 24-26, 2001

Preliminary Schedule for the 2001 Fire Museum Seminar

Friday - August 25th

Saturday - August 26th

Sunday - August 27th


Arrive in New Orleans...

8:30 am

Announcements and new business

8:30 am

Announcements and new business


Opening remarks and Welcome by the Fire Museum Network Chairman, Doug Klink, and our 2001 Fire Museum Seminar Program Chair, Bob Whitman

9:00 am

"City of New Orleans Fire History Beginning to 1920"
Bob Whitman

9:00 am

"Heat: An Evening with... Programs and Interviews" - Geoff Giglierano, Director of the New York City Fire Museum

1:15 pm

Board the bus for an afternoon tour of museums.

9:30 am

"City of New Orleans Fire History 1920 Until..."
Chief Emeritus Bill J. McCrossen, N.O.F.D.

10:00 am


2:00 pm

Visit to the Jackson Barracks Military Museum - Capt. Walker will be our guide as we tour the exhibits and talk about “Developing a Museum”

10:00 am

"Paper Conservation"
Phyllis Hudson, Phyllis Hudson, Ltd.

10:15 am

“History of Fire Hydrants“
Thomas Ingalsbe, Sales Representative for the Kennedy Valve Co. and fire hydrant collector

3:30 pm

Visit to the New Orleans Fire Department Museum
Michael Williams and Bob Whitman will be our hosts as we tour the museum

10:40 am

"Art Conservation"
Shamil Salah, Hudson+Salah, Ltd.

11:00 am

Fire Museum Network Membership Meeting

5:00 pm

Visit to the Louisiana State Fire Museum - with Terry Thibodaux

11:20 am

"Textile Conservation"
Bryce Reveley, Textile Conservation.


Presentation of the Fred W. Conway Award

6:30 pm

Cajun Dinner
Sponsored by the David Crockett Volunteer Fire Department


Lunch on your own.

6:00 pm -

Adjourn for 2001
See you in Kansas City, MO in 2002

9:00 pm

Board bus and return to the hotel

2:00 pm

"Making Displays Using Plastic & Etc."
Sam Rykels, Division Director Interpretive Services, Louisiana State Museums



2:50 pm


3:00 pm

"Displaying Artifacts"
Greg Lambousy, Curator of Exhibits, Louisiana State Museums

3:50 pm


4:00 pm

"Displaying Art and Photographs"
Patrick Burns, Associate Curator of Exhibits, Louisiana State Museums

5:00 pm

Adjourn for the day

6:00 pm - midnight?

Informal round table discussion in the “Iberville Room” at the host Hotel Monteleone. Bring a short (5-10 minute max!) video tape of your museum, a TV/VCR will be available.

If you'd like more information about our organization,
David Lewis,