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2019 - Los Angeles, CA
2018 - Cleveland, OH
2017 - Tampa, FL
2016 - San Antonio, TX
2015 - Buffalo, NY
2014 - Jeffersonville, IN 
2013 - New York, NY
2012 - Los Angeles, CA
2011 - Ypsilanti, MI
2010 - Baltimore, MD
2009 - Phoenix,AZ
2008 - Aurora, IL
2007 - Denver, CO
2006 - Columbus, OH
2005 - Indianapolis, IN
2004 - no seminar held
2003 - Dallas, TX
2002 - Kansas City, KS
2001 - New Orleans, LA 
2000 - Dallas, TX
1999 - Kansas City, MO
1998 - Louisville, KY
1997 - Dallas TX
1996 - Kansas City MO
1995 - Louisville, KY
1994 - St. Louis, MO
1993 - Dallas, TX
1992 - Anaheim, CA
1991 - Toronto, ONT.
1990 - Orlando, FL
1989 - Indianapolis, IN


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Come Join us for the
osted by the Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society
September 26 - 28, 2019

The Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society is happy to host this year’s annual Fire Museum Network Conference in Hollywood California! Networking with other fire museums across the country provides enriching opportunities to exchange ideas, concerns, and questions. It also allows participants to make personal observations about other exhibits and collections, which in turn strengthens each of our resources and makes our museums more dynamic and engaging to our community constituents.
This year our programs will include discussions about the creation of the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), the History of St. Florian - the Saint of Firefighters, Hollywood and firemen, and computerized museum security.  Additional programs are in the planning stage. Tours will include visits to the Los Angeles County Fire Museum, Long Beach Fire Museum – where we will have dinner, and a visit to LAFD Air Operations at Van Nuys Airport. A ride on Fire Boat 2 is still in the planning stage.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit to Los Angeles and the programs that we are preparing for you. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in September!

— Donald S. Dodd - Vice-President and Curator,
     Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society

The Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society dates back October 13, 1960. Fireman Bob Foster was appointed the department's official historian by the Fire Commission. Foster dedicated himself to the history of the department and was effective in his position.

In 1981, Acting Chief Engineer Alan R. Evanson created a committee to support the history of the department. Two current members, Don Dodd and William Dahlquist were a part of that committee. The committee evolved into a formal organization, initially named "Olde 23s" based on the belief that the entity would be housed in old Fire Station 23. Early board meetings took place in City Hall East and minutes were delivered to the Chief Engineer, along with suggestions on action to be taken related to committee requirements and action. In 1998, Olde 23s (later renamed the Los Angeles Fire Dept. Historical Society) became a IRS (501c3) non-profit charity.
In 2001. Fire Station 27, rebuilt following significant earthquake damage, was slated to become a community center. With some dedicated commitment on the part of a number of local officials, historical society members, and LAFD management, the Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society (renamed from Olde 23s) was given a long-term lease on the building by the city. In the years that followed, the LAFDHS developed an inventory of more than 30 pieces of LA-based firefighting apparatus, thousands of artifacts (some dating back to the 1880s), and hundreds of hours of film and video.

Today, the LAFDHS is home to the Fallen Firefighter Memorial, located in front of the Station 27 Museum in the heart of Hollywood, California. A second regional facility, Station 36 Museum, is based in San Pedro. The organization is also the caretaker of Old Fire Boat No. 2, the Ralph J. Scott, the longest serving piece of apparatus in the city's history at 77 years.

The recommended host hotel for this year’s FMN Seminar is the Hampton Inn & Suites - Hollywood. They are the closest hotel (located ½ mile from our meeting place). Transportation will be provided for those unable walk that distance. A block of 30 rooms has been reserved with a reduced rate is $195.00 per night, plus tax.  This rate is good for three-nights (September 26, 27 and 28 – with check out on Sunday, September 29).  You MUST BOOK YOUR ROOM BY August 25, 2019 to get this rate — after that, rooms will be at their normal rate.

To reserve a discounted room, call the Hampton Inn & Suites Hollywood at (323)-952-6900
and mention that you are with the, “Fire Museum Network.”

Hollywood is conveniently served by both Los Angeles (LAX) and Burbank (BUR) airports.  A variety of airport shuttles (Super Shuttle, Prime Time) serve the hotel, and can be found outside the baggage claim area of the terminals.   We would also recommend meeting up with others and ride-sharing with UBER or LIFT to the hotel.

Any questions or registration issues, please call Don Dodd (LAFDHS) at: 1-626-716-7216

2019 Fire Museum Network Seminar
Hosted by the Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society

 Tentative Program Schedule

HQ Hotel -  Hampton Inn & Suites - Hollywood, CA                                              

  Seminar Site - Los Angeles Fire Department Museum
                           1355 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028,

Thursday, September 26:
2 PM FMN Board Meeting in LAFDHS museum library
4:30 Welcome reception and registration at LAFDHS museum, a 1/2 mile (11 minute) walk from the hotel. Nametags and seminar packets can be picked up; food, drink, and networking space available; and a list of area restaurants will be provided.

Friday, September 27:
Complimentary breakfast provided at hotel.
8:30 Continue with registrations and picking up packets at LAFD museum. Meeting will be on the Museums second floor (we have an elevator)
9:00 Welcoming members and announcements, including FMN President Bob Heckman, Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas, President and Vice President of LAFDHS and Tom McDonald on History of FMN and introducing special guests.
10:00 Break
10:30 Annual FMN Membership Meeting
11:00 Bragging about what’s new with members own organizations
Noon Lunch (provided)
1:15 Presentation: Michael Kuk — The History of St. Florian
2:15 Break
2:30 Presentation (TBD)
3:30 Break
3:45 Presentation: Karen Shopsowitz — A documentary film “The Other Side Of A Hero” discussion follows
4:45 Free time. Check list to see restaurant locations for dinner on you own.
Museum open for Networking in evening until 10:00 PM

Saturday, September 28:
8:30 Welcome and Announcements
9:00 Presentation (TBD)
10:00 Break
10:15 Presentation: Frank Borden — The Father of the CERT Program
11:15 Early Lunch and networking (provided)
12:45 Board bus to Visit L.A. County Fire Department Museum in Bellflower
1:30 Visit both new and old locations of their museums
3:45 Bus down to Long Beach Fire Museum.
4:30 Early dinner at Long Beach Fire Museum
6:00 Bus over to location of LAFD Boat 2 at F.S. 112. Boat ride
8:30 Time for networking

Sunday, September 28
9:00 Board bus to Fire Station 114, Air Operations, to visit Fire Helicopters and how LAFD works with them.
1:00 Back to museum

All programs are tentative. Additional programs are in the planning stage.







Los Angeles, CA • September 26 - 28, 2019


DOWNLOAD or VIEW A PDF file of the Overview and Agenda (above) and the REGISTRATION FORM (below)

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Registration prices:

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“LATE” Registration - postmarked after Aug. 20, 2019

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                                     Total Enclosed - $_______

Mail this completed registration form  (with a check payable to
the “Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society”) to:

Donald Dodd
11621 Kerrwood Pl.,
El Monte, CA 91732

For questions or registration issues call Don Dodd (LAFDHS) at: 1-626-716-7216